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Case Analysis: Termination of a Volatile Employee
1) Did Steve handle the termination interview correctly? If not, what should he have
done differently?
Although Steve had solid reasoning for the termination of Jacob as a Data Partners employee,
we feel that there are a few aspects of the interview process that could have been handled
differently. Knowing that Jacob is relatively high tempered, it probably was not in Steve’s best
interest to deliver the news right away. Before announcing Jacob’s termination, he should have
first discussed his reasoning. Doing so might allow Jacob to remain more level-headed during
the interview. When Jacob began to blame his undesirable behavior on his home life, it could
have been beneficial for Steve to make a note about the importance of separating work and home
life. Finally, we disagree with Steve’s orders to have another employee gather Jacob’s things.
Even though Jacob was a poor-performing employee, this act was invasion of his privacy and his
personal items. Steve should have allowed Jacob a certain amount of time to gather his things
and leave, rather than taking that into his own hands. Overall, Steve maintained a calm,
professional manner even after having things thrown at him. As a manager, it’s very important to
not let your emotions overcome your professionalism, and Steve did exceptionally well at this.
Now, he needs to make it his top priority to ensure his employees’ safety in the office.
2) Do you think Jacob will return with a weapon? Why or why not?
We feel that it is a strong possibility that Jacob could return with a gun and any threat like the
one he yelled should not be taken lightly. Especially when the lives of other employees are at
stake. This is a case where we think it would be better to be safe than sorry. There have been
situations where disgruntled employees have returned to their workplace for revenge and that is a
preventable situation with security and involvement of law enforcement. If Jacob is a known gun
owner, has a motive to be upset and seek revenge, and openly said out loud that he planned to
make people pay, then it is a threat that should be taken seriously and prevented immediately.
We would suggest that Steve notify his superiors, law enforcement and strength security
3) What should Steve do now? Who should he contact? Do other businesses in the
building need to be told about this situation?
We believe that Steve should take it upon himself to label Jacob as a possible threat to the
building. Contacting the police is a safe thing to do because it helps his employees feel safe
while at work. It also puts out an image that you protect your company if there is a possible
threat against your staff. We think it is necessary that the other businesses in the building know
because Steve does not want any harm to come to anyone. If Steve did not do anything about this
threat then there is a chance that Jacob could come back with weapons. It is always better to play
on the safe side, for the benefit of everyone around him.

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