1.) Select one study from the bibliography of the document that describes my current writing project and claim it by posting in your peer review group discussion board. No two students in any peer review group can use the same article for this assignment, so check your group’s discussion page before answering this question. A student can only claim an article by being the first person to post indicating this in the group discussion board. Please use the discussion board to communicate with your group mates and do not communicate this information through email, as we will need a record on Canvas. Please provide a complete bibliographic citations; citations are provided in the bibliography in APA format. This is the paper you will attempt to replicate in subsequent questions, so pick a paper you find interesting.2.) select an outcome variable in the ACS data that is the same or similar to the outcome used in the article you selected above. Report the variable name and description from the dictionary (e.g. in last week’s assignment this was, “WKHP, Usual hours worked per week past 12 months.”) 3.) describe a way of separating the sample into two groups that is the same or similar to that in the paper you selected above (in last week’s question, this was women who have either 1 or 2 children)4.) Finally, describe the estimation subsample; last week it was married women with either one or two children that were surveyed in the ACS data in 2015 and who lived in Public-Use MIcrodata Area 0608511, an area in Santa Clara county. For other studies with different questions, you might look at all workers, all male workers, retired people, etc.)