131. Follow the instruction to write 1page mindful awareness reflection journalAll the work must be originalTurnitin report is required


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Mindful Awareness Reflection Journal
Using the first person narrative
1. Acknowledge
Describe your experience
2. Intentional Attention
Describe what you noticed
3. Accept Without Judgment
Describe judgment; acceptance
4. Action Toward Change
Intention/willingness; new perspective
5. Mindful Meditation Experience (Mindful Practice)
What did you notice about your meditation experience this week?
The most important information/key concepts we need to understand from these chapters
Chapter four has plenty of essential information that regards both adults and children on the issue
of laughter, play and humor for relieving stress. The chapter has explained the need to play for the
adults and adolescent stage children which assist them to cope with stress. According to the
information, a play is necessary for facilitating the relationship and connections between strangers
and even assists in cultivating healing. Even though play, and laughter may be an essential aspect
in adults and children, it should not be every second of the day to realize the benefit, and it is
necessary to provide oneself with permission to play every day. To relieve stress is vital to
surround yourself with playful individuals at work and home. It is evident that in life it is not
always funny however laughter is excellent for every human physically wellbeing and the soul,
this is true because it brings people closer to each other. Laughter is an essential tool which keeps
us motivated to face life obstacles and it further gives us a break from stressful circumstances
which is necessary for handling depression. The chapter describes the need for humor and laughter
to create a positive emotion in our daily lives, and It is significant to be mindful of the little things
that happen around us throughout the day since the mind is exercised preparing it for better
How can I use the information in the chapters to help me with my daily mindfulness?
I might believe that I get enough time to play with my colleagues and children both at work and at
home respectively; however, I need to continuously be in the mood of laughter to be mindful of
all that takes place around me. When I was ailing from depression laughter becomes my medicine,
I did not understand anyone even myself, handling tough situations added more stress making me
vulnerable to other chronic disease related to such conditions. Nevertheless, reading through the
chapter awakens me to a whole new world, I believe I have discovered a better way to help get
closer occasionally to good health. The idea of laughter, humor, and play is necessary especially
during the stressful period that goes through thinking about the painful treatment procedures. I
believe I have not been getting enough of play and laughter to help me maintain composure and
align my thoughts in the right channel. Focus precisely is the best strategy in handling health
related concerns and particularly stress and depression.
In what ways will the material learned in these chapters help me manage my stress more
The material explains the importance of laughter, humor and play. In this chapter, am reminded
that there are necessary but minor activities that are great boosters to genuine health, and every
time I engage in these activities whether at home or in school I feel psyched up, in fact, my early
teenage years becomes fresh in my mind like it was yesterday. Starting my day with laughter and
humor on my face release sadness and sorrow make me feel better and not just for me but for those
who spent time around me as well. After reading the chapter, I am going to look for a friend who
is playful and funny to help build my relationship with others, and to increase the opportunity to
share my frustrations. An additional strategy in the management of stress is watching many comic
movies and other comedies in the social media would assist in managing the stress more
What are your thoughts and feedback regarding the information and activities for each
Laughter, play and humor are a significant aspect of human life, and I do not get enough of them,
my life apparently is not going to be the same. Being a student and an employee is a tiring mixture
in every individual’s life. Having a sense of humor is good because it helps me cure all my ailments
both physically and mentally and it as well cools down my stress response which results in an
excellent relaxing mood. I believe in play time for children and adults since it helps in facilitating
the ability to learn and eventually assist in strengthening the social relationship. I think when I will
be in any stressing moment in my life I will engage in laughter, play and have a sense of humor,
these are the true medicine to good health.
The Healing Power of Play, Laughter and Humor Chapter Four

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