151. Follow the instruction to write 1page mindful awareness reflection journal using the templateAll the work must be originalTurnitin report is required


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Mindful Awareness Reflection Journal
Using the first person narrative
1. Acknowledge
Describe your experience
2. Intentional Attention
Describe what you noticed
3. Accept Without Judgment
Describe judgment; acceptance
4. Action Toward Change
Intention/willingness; new perspective
5. Mindful Meditation Experience (Mindful Practice)
What did you notice about your meditation experience this week?
Here is an example of a MARJ from a painting class…….remember, this can be about
anything….. The whole purpose of this assignment is to start getting in the frame of mind that
when you encounter a stressor in life, you automatically default to this mindful model to help
become responsive vs. reactive. Therefore, this is done weekly with that goal in mind……the
chapters that you read can be an inspiration for your journal but honestly, you can apply your
weekly journal to ANY mindful experience you choose to participate in, it doesn’t have to be
directly linked to the chapter ……examples of what you may journal about: breathing, eating,
cooking, walking, exercising, gardening, journaling, painting etc……
Mindful Awareness Reflection Journal
1. Acknowledge
Describe your experience
I am sitting before a blank canvas with a palette of paint colors directly in front of me and a large
and small paint brush to my right. I am surrounded by both friends and strangers – this is a
painting class where you can drink wine and socialize while you paint. There is a stage in front
of me with the instructor and her blank canvas (a camera magnifies it to a larger screen so that all
of the patrons can see) and a picture of what we will be painting is located above her canvas (an
impressionist painting of a park in Paris at night)
2. Intentional Attention
Describe what you noticed
BREATH: My breath is rapid because I am both excited and talking to all of my friends…..as
well as nervous….I am NOT artistic!
BODY: I am sitting on a stool with my legs hooked around the legs of the chair. My body is
relaxed, I am sitting up straight and my arms are resting on the counter in front of me. The
instructor is in front of me so my neck feels comfortable, not twisted or at an awkward angle
EMOTIONS: I am very happy to be with friends but also excited and nervous, I have never
done this before so I am definitely stepping outside my comfort zone
THOUGHTS: One of my good friends right next to me is a graphic artist so I’m feeling at a
distinct disadvantage in the art department, I am also with people I don’t know so I am
thinking about what they might think of my work
3. Accept Without Judgment
Describe judgment; acceptance
As we progress through the painting (this is a 3 hour class) I at first am looking at my friend’s
painting (the graphic artist – it’s really good) and the woman next to me trying not to compare. I
start to judge my initial lines on the canvas (they look pretty subpar compared to the other two)
but accept what I am doing because I know that I am doing the best that I can. As we progress
and the colors are added, I look less and less at their paintings and focus on mine, completely
engrossed in the colors and patterns and in the process, letting go of critical judgment and truly
enjoying the experience itself.
4. Choose how you show up for your experience
Intention/willingness; new perspective
I chose to show up to an experience that I wasn’t comfortable with but that truly affected me in a
positive way. I realized by the end of the evening when I had completed my painting that it was
just as beautiful as everyone else’s and that the experience wasn’t about what the final project
was (the completed painting) but more about the process, the interaction with friends and the
creative outlet to lose yourself in the experience. This experience has given me a new intention
to seek out experiences that I have not done before, even if they are a little uncomfortable
because it allows me to find a new part of who I am. I am proud to say that my painting is now
hanging above my desk to remind me of the importance of showing up without judgment and
paying attention to both my senses and myself.
5. Mindful Meditation Experience (Mindful Practice)
What did you notice about your meditation experience this week?
I noticed that I tend to not schedule in my meditation practice the way that I need to……there
always seems to be something else I need to do. I also become very distracted because when I
do sit down to breath, there is a distraction from one of my kids or my husband. Because of this,
I realize that I need to either get up before the family or wait until the kids are in bed, then take
time for myself to really focus on the meditation. This will be my new goal going forward
because when I do manage to take 10 -20 minutes to focus on my breathing – I feel amazing.

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