3 pages double spaced of text (Not including title page and ref page) on the film To Kill a Mockingbird. Must address the following questionsYour paper must address each of these 9 aspects about the film: What is the general opinion of film critics and moviegoers? Include at least two quotes from what professional reviewers have written about the film. Do you agree with what others have written about the film? Was it considered a success in its day, based on awards, box office results, or influence? What can you learn about the era in which the film was made (attitudes, values, culture, lifestyles, concerns)? In your opinion, does the film “hold up well” in the eyes of today’s audiences? What message or meaning does the film communicate to the viewer? In your opinion, what are the good and the bad aspects of the film? What moments in the film stood out to you? A specific scene; dialogue; imagery? What is your general opinion of the film? Are you glad you saw it?