-a 4000 word essay, including a learner profile with a narrative relating theory and research to possible ways forward. Students will provide an extensive profile of one or a group of bilingual learner and develop suggestions for development of English language , drawing on recent relevant theory and research findings and in the context of for the purposes that the learner is interest such as job or study. at least 13 references ( APA ) 6 editionthe most important book u should use is foundation of the bilingual education and bilingualism for Baker and Wright the 6th edition 20165 hours agoATTACHMENTS





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Learner profile:
The learner is an adult learner who is learning English in Scotland foe academic purposes
(CALP). She 30 years old. She has one home language which is Arabic. SO, she speaks
two languages which are Arabic and English. She is from Saudi Arabia and she is Muslim,
so her cultural and religious background is very different from the western societies. She
started learning English when she was 13 years old in intermediate school. At that time
English was taught from intermediate school. She studied both bachelor and master’s
degree on concealing psychology in Saudi Arabia, and both degrees were studied in
Arabic. At the beginning of 2018, she arrived at Glasgow city in the UK because she
wants to continue by studying a PhD in concealing psychology in Glasgow university,
which demands to have good English. She started by studying English at English school
for four months. Then she studied extensive academic English at language centre in
Glasgow university for another four months. She always wants to learn and study to get
benefits and help her society. Now her level in English according to the Common
European frame work is B2. This level may not the actual English, she has C1 level in
reading and writing but she has also B1 in listening and speaking skills and the average in
total is B2. Her favourite hobbies from she was a child is reading and writing and
because of that she is good in both skills. Her previous education helped her to be a
good researcher. Her family plays an important role in her success. They always support
her.Her status is married and have three children The learner has very good literacy
skills because she used to read and write a lot in her previous study. On the other hand,
her listening and speaking skills are not as good as reading and writing skills. That is
because she did not need to use these skills in Saudi Arabia. Baker and wright illustrated
in a table that four skills into two aspects oracy or literacy, productive or receptive
Now she must use all English skills because she regularly meets her supervisor and will
need these skills in order to make interviews with English speakers. She reads and writes
a lot of academic papers . She is studying English by reading and writing a lot of
academic papers, she is also speaking to her supervisors at least each two weeks.
Because of that her English is developing. According to Baker and wright ‘’ ascendant
bilingualism ‘’ when the additional language is in progress. There are some culturally
variation between her culture and the culture where she is studying might make the
learning process difficult. For example, females in Saudi Arabia are forbidden to shake
males’ hands are not relatives or even sitting alone with them without others. SO,
sometimes it is difficult for her to talk to all people .to improve her oracy skills. In order
to avoid this problem, she is trying to have females friend to practice her speaking and
listening. She chooses to learn English because all her studying is in English language.
She must be good in all four skills in English to be successful in her studying. She uses her
mother tongue language just at home with her family. When she go out she uses English
in Public places and in the university. She started learning English language at late age
when she was thirteen years old. She was taught English as subject for four hour a week
until she finished her secondary school. Then she came back to learn English at thirty
years old after twelve year when she moved to the UK to study a PhD in concealing
Criteria for written submission (tutor assessment: 80%)

Critical analysis of theories of second language acquisition and bilingual education are
evident throughout the assignment.

There is evidence of academic reading from a wide range of sources and reflection
on that reading throughout the assignment.

The suggestions for the way forward in support for the profiled pupil(s) is closely
matched to an awareness of linguistic and cultural difference.

Proposed teaching strategies provide clear opportunities for support for children’s
home languages and development of English language abilities for the purposes that
the learner is interest such as job or study

Also teacher said you can look on ( these helping examples)might be helpful all the
points from the book ( foundation of bilingual education and bilingualism the 6 edition
Baker and wright)

Learner language ability

How they use English language

Is the age Is a factor in learning language

When learner start learn English ? is the learner learn english for long time or the
learner just start learning English?

Culturally what sort of things need to do the learner expect to improve learner
English language ? are these things are the only thing to do ? are there things are
culturally difficult?

What kind of context ? are the learner living alone or with English people or with
Arabic speakers?

What kind of choices the learner making about English language. for example
some people don’t like speaking and that’s ok if they want to work for a job need
to speak . choices mean what the learner like doing , what the learner can do
and what do the learner life position need to do

Threshold theory … has the learner reach the level

All the definitions at the end of the book important

Advise for my learner may set in undergraduate lectures and talk to other

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