(MY ORGANIZATION IS AMAZON.COM) (3-4 Pages) (Include References)You are a manager in the office of the chief information security officer (CISO) of your company, agency, or organization. In light of recent cybersecurity issues in the news, the CISO has asked you to review and revise the company, agency, or organization’s cybersecurity policy. (In the event that your organization does not have a cybersecurity policy, you can use one from a similar organization or use the templates at this Web site and tailor them to your organization). Your memorandum for changes to the cybersecurity policy should include, at the minimum, measures to address the personnel, equipment, software, and policy risks associated with networked systems such as the following:Cybersecurity training objectives and requirementsEthical use policyCritical infrastructure concernsIncident response, including breach notificationCritical security controlsRisk analysis methodologyIndustry-specific security requirements such as ITAR, HIPPA, and so forthIdentify the current cybersecurity policy status for your organization, and determine its strengths and weaknesses