please answer the fours questions about the assigment ( 300-500 words for each ) share your own ideas about the each history events in each summary . let me know if you have any questions.

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The age of industrialization introduced a machine-driven world
that radically altered family life. What transformations occurred
once factories organized life and work? How did these changes
affect men, women, and children?
What were the economic and ideological causes of the American,
the French, and the Haitian Revolutions? Compare and contrast the
outcomes of the American, the French, and the Haitian revolutions.
3 Trace the development of imperialism in Oceania beginning in the late
18th century and continuing through the 19th century? How did
indigenous peoples respond to the arrival of European and American
traders, missionaries, and settlers?
How did the arrival of American forces prompt change in Japan during
the mid-1800s? In what ways did the Japanese respond?

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