– Answer 11 questions, and each question one paragraph+one source for each; No plagiarism – APA format. Chapter 7: List and describe the stages of personality development, according to Allport’s theory. How do these stages illustrate Allport’s interest in the unity of the self? Chapter 8: Describe Cattell’s 16PF.Why is it said to measure source traits, rather than surface traits? Chapter 9: Describe how biological theories, including those of Eysenck and Gray, have implications for the development of personality through learning. Chapter 10: Discuss the frustration-aggression hypothesis.How has it been modified by later researchers? Chapter 11: Describe Richard Nixon from the viewpoint of Personal Construct Theory. Discuss his various constructs and how he used them in his political career. Chapter 12: Discuss Mischel’s 3 types of expectancies and how they impact behavior. Chapter 13: Discuss Barack Obama’s life in respect to the principles advocated by Albert Bandura and social learning theory. Chapter 14: List and explain the three major conditions for effective therapy, according to Rogers. Chapter 15: Discuss how Maslow’s theory has been used in the business world. Chapter 16: Describe the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Give examples of each and how someone might progress through them. Chapter 17: Explain the term “paradigm.”How does a paradigm influence research?