12 questions to be answered, some do require drawings. (PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE)

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HW #3
Which term or terms are distributed in each of the following propositions:
1. Some dog is a genius
2. Some cat is not a fish
3. All poets are cannibals
4. No snake is a mammal.
5. Give the contradictory of “All dogs are cute.”
6. Give the contrary of “All dogs are cute.”
7. What makes two statements contraries rather than contradictories?
8. What is the complement of the class of non-round things?
For the following, draw a properly-labeled three-circle Venn diagram showing the premises of the
argument, and say whether or not the argument is valid.
9. All men are mortal
Some camel is not a mortal.
Therefore, some camel is not a man.
10. Some camel is a mortal
All mortals are men.
Therefore, no men are camels.
11. Some man is not a mortal.
Some mortal is not a camel.
Therefore, no men are camels.
12. All men are mortal.
All camels are mortal.
Therefore, some camel is not a man.

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