1. Provide an example of a typical ethical dilemma the average person faces in everyday life. ( 400 word minimum)2. Explain how ethics provides a foundation and framework for how discretionary power is used on the job in the world of criminal justice. (300 word minimum, not including the sources, apa format, sources must be within the past 7year timeframe.)3. In the text, Pollock outlines four ethical elements common to criminal justice professionals. List the four elements and explain the significance of each and how each impacts the relationship between the criminal justice system and the community. (400 word minimum)4. List Kohlberg’s stages of cognitive development and describe each one. At which stage do most police officers fall? At which stage do most corrections officers fall? At which stage do criminal court judges fall? Clearly explain your answers.( 300 word minimum count, cite the source, apa format)5. Describe the process of how police recruits are taught ethics from an organizational standpoint. Support your answer using at least one recent scholarly journal article (published in last 7 years).(400 word minimum count)