1. discussion:I will post the first part and required reading first, few days later I will post the second part.Answer all following questions for first part.2. short writing:I will post the reading and guide for you.”1″ due date is 48 hrs from now, “2” is fine, you will have enough time, maybe 5 or 6 days.



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Readings: SoL “The Hollywood Sign” pp. 343-351, “Creating the Myth” by Seger, and
“Heroes and Villains: Encoding Our Conflicts” pp. 441-449
Your initial ideas must be posted by Wednesday, at midnight, and your
responses/subsequent ideas posted by Sunday night.
For “Creating the Myth”:
1. How does Seger define the “hero myth”? How does this myth appear in a
movie you’ve seen?
2. What is the “healing myth”? Describe this myth in your own words and
how it appears in a movie you’ve seen.
3. What is an “archetype”? How are they useful for analyzing films
semiotically? Provide 1-2 examples of archetypes and what they might
4. Thinking about the films that have come out this year, which would you
nominate for best film of the year? Why? What criteria do you use to
define “Best”?
5. Thinking about some of the more popular/high grossing films that have
come out this year, why do you think they’ve been so successful? What
does their success suggest to you about our society? That is what
needs/desires are they fulfilling? What fears are they addressing?
6. Consider one of the many “reboots” that have happened recently. How are
the changes between versions reflective of changes in society? Its
desires, fears, concerns and values?
7. Consider a recent film you’ve seen and explore which themes you see it
Short Writing Assignment 5
Length: 1-2 pages
Due: Sunday, March 24, at Midnight California time
List your top 5 all-time favorite U.S. movies.
Why do you like these? What elements in them appeal to you?
What cultural mythologies do these movies reflect?
What cultural signs do you see in them?
What do you think these movies suggest about U.S. society, the society
that created them?
Your ideas about questions 2-5 can be explored individually or

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