2 peer reviewed article (no book review) on dramatism. single space at least 500 words . APA format, cittion on the stop and article summary under it. i have attached a copy of the example to it .This is for my annotatated bibliography

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APA Prep Work – Article Summary Section
For this assignment, you are to find 2 scholarly articles that fulfill the requirement
for your annotated bibliography, cite them properly in APA format, and then write
at least a half page summary that paraphrases the research that was done. This
includes the research questions, who the participants of the studies were, how data
was collected, and the conclusions made in the study. You are to then include
thoughtful, critical comments about the validity of the research. For example, what
types of limitations did the study have and how could future research be improved.
If you have already found annoted bibliography articles and used them for your
source credentials assignment, you can use those same articles and add on the
summary as the next paragraph or two after the source credentials. If you have
already written your credential section, then please include it in this assignment,
but if you find new research you do not have to write the credential section at this
Keep these points in mind while writing:
• Do not use internal citations for the source you are summarizing
• Use only empirical sources that are written about primary research
• Start each citation and summary on its own page
• Do not use direct quotes
• Do not summarize the abstract or the literature review section
I have included an example summary on the next page. The citation must be
included at the top of the page, but credentials only need to be included if you
already wrote them for the previous assignment. Otherwise, just cite the source in
APA, skip a line, and write the summary section. You must turn in two examples –
so two citations with summaries. Each citation and summary will be 10 points, for
a total of 20 points.
Sabatelli, R. M., Buck, R., & Dreyer, A. (1982). Nonverbal communication accuracy in married
couples: Relationship with marital complaints. Journal of Personality and Social
Psychology, 43(5), 1088-1097. doi:10.1037/0022-3514.43.5.1088
Ronald M. Sabatelli works in the Child and Family Studies department of the University of
Wisconsin – Madison. Ross Buck and Albert Dryer are both professors at the University of
The participants of this unique study were 48 recently married, middle class white
couples who were part of a Couples Project at the University of Connecticut. They were invited
to participate through a letter they received in the mail, were informed that this study would take
2-3 hours of their time, and they would be paid $25. Of the 102 couples that were contacted, 23
did not reply to the invitation, 26 did not want to participate, and 48 agreed. The couples were
married an average of 32.8 months with a range of 11-54 months, and their incomes ranged from
$6000 – $40,000 per year. 14 couples had lived together before marriage, and 11 of them had a
child. Each person was shown slides that had pictures representing these categories: sexual,
scenic, unusual, unpleasant and children. They were secretly videotaped to record their facial
expressions while viewing each slide. Afterward, they were told about the recording and could
watch the recording of their respective spouse and try to guess by his or her expressions which
slide they were viewing at the time.
The main limitation of this study is the obvious bias. These couples were all part of a
voluntary organization at one college campus, and they were all white members of the middle
class. The size of the sample group was only 48 couples, which is very small. The participants
of this study were not very diverse.

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