– Organization located in saudi arabia -no plagraism -1000 to 1200 words -use APA style -Write a three-part essay (i.e., an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essay’s body, and a conclusion paragraph) that address the

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Department of Business Administration
Proposed Assignments for MGT Courses.
Semester 2nd , 2018-19
Course Name: MGT 301 (Organizational Behavior)
An overview about Assignments Structure, Submission Time & others details:
No. of Submissions
Type of Assignment
Week 5
Submission Week
(before the end of
Week 7
Case Study
Critical Thinking
Week 9
Week 11
Instructor’s Assessment based on followings participations :
• Discussion Board
• Wiki
• Blogs
• Quizzes
Total Marks
Assignment No:- 2
Submission Date by students: End of Week- 11th
Place of Submission: Students Grade Centre
Weight: 05 Marks
Course Learning Outcome: Develop the problem solving skills for teamwork especially if the
problem relates to the task (Lo 3.2).
Critical Thinking: Organizational Power, Politics & Conflict.
Critical Thinking: Organizational Power, Politics & Conflict.
Choose Organization, located in Saudi Arabia. In your paper, respond to the following:

Determine the causes of conflict, and how is conflict resolved?

Based on your research, How would you describe “organizational politics” at the
Examine the of your selected organization and explain how are decisions made when

there’s disagreement and stakes are high?
What are the components of being a Manager? Thinking about yourself, determine if you
are a Manager how you will use power & politics to solve an organizational conflict.
Next, Figure Out How the Company Deals With Conflict and Politics.

These assignments are an individual assignments.

All students are encouraged to use their own words.

Be three to five pages in length (1000-1200 words), which does not include the
title page, abstract or required reference page, which are never a part of the
content minimum requirements.
Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style
Use proper referencing (APA style) to reference,other style will not accepted.
Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories
from the textbook and at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles
unless the assignment calls for more.

It is strongly encouraged that you submit all assignments into the safe assignment
Originality Check prior to submitting it to your instructor for grading.

Write a three-part essay (i.e., an essay that includes an introduction paragraph, the essay’s
body, and a conclusion paragraph) that address the questions using a question and answer

Your well-written paper should meet the following requirements:

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