21 pages not including the bib. 7 topics, each topic has 3 pages covering what the film or novel is about. Talk about all that you saw or read you can also elaborate on parts that you like best.FILMS: BamakoMoi Un NoirAdwaCamp d ThiaroyeCCTV Faces of Africa (you tube): SankaraBooks:SankaraAfrican Religions

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How to Organize your Journal:
1) Start with Date, Title of film or title of reading plus author, and produce 3
double-spaced pages of comments in the guise of a film review or book
2) I will grade each entry and calculate an average grade out of all the entries
based on individual readings and single films.
3) I will check journals 3 times during the semester.
4) Please type.
5) If you miss watching a film during a designated screening or during classtime, you are still responsible for that film in your journal. The same counts
for the readings in regard to class discussions. Not seeing and not being there
does NOT mean that you can skip the homework. On the contrary, it
complicates it. Because you have to do it all alone.
6) Keep in mind this is a 4500 seminar. If I do not see intelligence in what you
write, the grade will be low. In order to enhance your observations in your
journal, you are free and encouraged to conduct independent research on the
materials (readings and films) we use. If you are absent, you miss discussions
as well as ideas you could use in your journal.

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