(per question, write 125 words with references to support)1.) 1. Choose a question you may have had or have about everyday life and tell us how you would follow the steps in the scientific method to solve that question. (This does not have to be a scientific question)2.) Choose any genetic disorder. Discuss the cause (ex: insertion, deletion, inversion, translocation or whole chromosome issue), signs, symptoms and degrees of the disease. 2A.) Choose a trait that goes beyond Mendel’s one trait inheritance. Discuss the inheritance (ex. Incomplete dominance, multiple allele, polygenic, pleiotrophy, linkage, environmental influences), the different phenotypes or anything else that deviates from simple genetics. Mendel got lucky with the traits he chose in his pea plants. If he got more complicated traits and inheritance, it would have made his findings almost impossible to come to. Talk about how these traits would have made it hard for scientists like Mendel to figure out inheritance the way he did. 3.) Do we classify viruses as living? Give support for both yes and no arguments.4.) Humans have a huge impact on ecosystems today. Talk about why we can no longer study most ecosystems that have not been touched by humans. Talk about some of the large scale issues we are causing in our environment and ecosystems today. 4A.) Scientists talk about the 6th Mass extinction happening right now. What is it and how is it different from the last 5?