8 pages double spaced, 2,000 words,PDF attached with paper requirements, APA format consistent, all references cited, I can give access to textbook.

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Milestone 2 Requirements
Requirements –This case analysis should be MINIMUM of 2000 words (8pages), double spaced, 12pt Times New Roman with proper format
consisting of a title page, your name, the class number, date, and professor’s name (Brad Cousins). CONSISTENT WITH APA FORMAT!!
Summary of Assignment – This is an in depth case analysis which should consist of your applying concepts from the text book and applying
those to your subject company. Your company is a global multinational company looking to expand operation in India to set up a new division.
While you company may have other partnerships or organizations in India, this is a new investment and due to the changes state of global
business, management wants to look at this investment as if they have never done business in India.
Written Communication
Center of Gravity
Transportation Model
Product Design (Chapter 5)
Process Design (Chapter 7)
Factor Rating Method
Module 1 Project
Introduction and conclusion, clear paragraphs with a main theme of each
paragraph. Clear and concise communication. Correct spelling and decent
Concepts from the book must be explained and cited then applied your company.
You must demonstrate correct application of concepts
Identify 5 attractive markets in India for your products. Using the center of gravity
method, identify the optimal location for your first warehouse in the country.
As part of your location decision, you are analyzing freight rates to three ports in
India. Go to the website http://worldfreightrates.com/freight
Assume you are shipping from Houston TX, Oakland CA, and Savannah GA in a
40ft container with no hazardous materials or need for insurance. Make an
assumption about the cost of your commodity, select your commodity from the
drop down and get freight rates for three different destination locations in India.
Construct a transportations matrix to include in the appendix and discuss your
optimal transportation model.
Identify you product strategy and select an appropriate products to sell into the
Indian market. What stage in the product life cycle? Will you be making or buying
products? Will you be engaged in product development in India? What impact
does this have on your location decision and why?
Process Strategy? Focus? Construct a value stream map which gives an overview
of time associated with the global supply chain getting your product or service to
your customer in India. Include the VSM’s in the appendix as an excel table.
Discuss any special service considerations for your process design.
Identify 5 important factors your company must consider when expanding to
India. Explain why these factors are important and assign weights to each factor.
Select three potential strategic locations in India to evaluate for expansion.
Construct a FRM model in excel and include in the appendix. Discuss and justify
the optimal solution based on the FRM you constructed. (refer to chapter 8)
Based on your analysis from the FRM and all the other methods mentioned
above, select a location in India to expand your company.
2 points
5 points
50 points

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