575 words.Read it and answer the question according to the instruction. Reference it. Choosing Indonesia as the manufacturing plant. Only do the business environment (culture) and executive summary part. Business environment (culture) 325 words and executive summary 250 words.

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Assignment – Report
An International Business Plan (INDONESIA)
M&S Textiles Australia is a manufacturer of quality cotton fabrics. Due to increased
competition from cheaper imported goods, the company is contemplating the establishment of a
manufacturing plant in Asia to reduce the cost of manufacturing at home. The company has
identified Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia as potential countries for the
establishment of the overseas manufacturing plant. As a complement of the current production
in Australia, this new facility will supply products to customers around the world (include
Australia), but it will not sell products itself. The headquarters of M&S Australia is responsible
for sales and marketing at home and abroad.
You, as the task force of International Business Department in M&S Australia, are
required to choose ONE of these countries, and write a report to the Board of Directors.
In the report, you need to identify the advantages and disadvantages, the risks and
opportunities, and other relevant aspects of operating in that country. Based on your
findings, some relevant strategies should be suggested to benefit from the
advantages/opportunities and mitigate the disadvantages/risks. Based on your report, the
Board of Directors will decide where, how, and whether the company will go.
When preparing your report, you are required to link your arguments to the course
content, and to support your suggestions with relevant data such as what risks are in the
country you choose, how the company should do to deal with these risks, and how
M&S’s presence in the country would enhance M&S’s current business, etc.

Be aware that the assignment is in the style of a report

You may use both real information of M&S Textiles Australia and “presumed”
information to complement the real information for supporting your arguments.
Wherever “presumed” information is used, some reasonable justification is

This report must be prepared using 1½ line spacing in Times New Roman 12pt

All information resources used in your report must be dated no earlier than 2015,
and no undated resources may be used.

The Harvard system of referencing is to be used. Failure to use or adequately
use the Harvard system of referencing will result in a grade of fail being awarded
for this assessment.

It is suggested to use 3 references
“Executive Summary”:

Provide an “Executive Summary” prior to formal sections (e.g., Introduction)

The executive summary is not part of the word count, and should NOT exceed
300 words.

The executive summary provides an overview of the report. Hence, it should state
the purpose of the report (topic etc.), the key findings in the report, and the key
recommendations made in a concise way.

The executive summary does not replace the introduction part of the report. The
introduction should still state the topic being covered in the report, and the
structure of the report.
General Expectations:

Your report should present a strong argument by identifying the key issues
related to the topic.

Taking a critical view, your report should highlight the positives and negatives of
the issue, and argue for which perspective you believe is stronger. This should be
highlighted in your recommendation in the report.

Your arguments should be based on facts and evidence. So it is important that
you have used relevant reports, articles, and figures from reliable and reputable
sources, and appropriately acknowledged them. The quality of your sources of
information is important. As discussed earlier, please avoid using sources like
Wikipedia for information.

All submission will be checked for plagiarism using text comparison software.
Table of Contents:
Executive Summary (250 words)
Introduction and background
Business Environment (Culture)(325 words)
Business Environment (Trade)
Business Environment (Ethics)
Potential in Emerging Markets
Conclusion and Recommendation

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