Please Be Creative–use your own photos with some type of urban hip hop flavor. I have provided the name of the album and 10 songs with the artist name for you to input on the digital CD cover. Once you complete the assignment, it can be place on a Word Document to submit. If you have any questions or need a little extra time, just let me know…Thanks!!This is an Urban Hip Hop CD cover assignment. The CD cover gets us using exact proportions and everyone on earth is the same. The front square is 4.77″ x 4.77″ and the back is 5.89 wide and 4.625″ wide. This would include side panels of .25″ Be creative with the photos you take and use on the cover. They must be your original photos, not taking from the internet. Use drop shadows, strokes or outer glow for affects. Don’t forget the bar code and create a publishing company name. The album name is:Mix Raps of The Nation Here are the 10 song titles and singers that I have created for you to use 1) Last Child…..K. Cole 2) Tatiano….Blackface 3) Going Good….Millie Meek 4) Killins’ in My Thouhgts…..NWU Nelly 5) Not Enough……Savages 6) Dripping too Easy…..Lil Boy and Hunna 7) WeWe—-Zodiak White featuring Onset 8) Wake up on the Moon—Zodiak White, Bucco Stars, Mane 9) Look Forward at it—-A mover with a Hoodie 10) Full not Empty—-Water World