– choose two pieces arts works that belong to same subject, but are made with different techniques on which to base your paper.- when describe the cocoon jar, please compare it to the cups made by Ehren Tool (https://www.studiopotter.org/i-just-make-cups-0) when answer all questions- 8 pages (2500 words) double space









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Analysis paper assignment (Museum visit)
Cantor Center for the Visual Arts 328
Lomita Drive at Museum Way
Stanford, CA 94305-5060
Important note: Be careful about using information on labels. Other than basic identification information
(artist’s name, title of work, date of work, and medium), you must acknowledge any additional information
as an “outside source”, and cite it. Sometimes the writers of labels are interested in aspects of works of art
that will not be helpful to you as you write your paper.
Importantly, develop your own ideas about this work of art based on an independent analysis, addressing
questions 4 and 5:
1. What artistic and social factors shaped these works of art? As you consider this question,
address the following points of VISUAL analysis:
a. Assess these works physically, with regard to their condition. Does it appear that they have been
damaged or restored since they were first made? In what ways does their condition affect your viewing
of them? Make sure to describe their surfaces carefully.
b. Explore the subject matter. Who and what is included? How would you categorize the subject type
of these works: landscape, history, genre, still life, portrait?
c. What may have influenced the style of these works? Are the artists naturalists, an abstractionists, or
d. Explore the techniques of each work. How did the artist use her or his tools and materials?
e. What accounts for the similarities you find between these work of art? What accounts for the
2. Key question: How does your analysis of these works of art reflect or stretch your ideas about the
ways we categorize art into subject types?
As you consider this question, address the following points of TEXTUAL analysis:
a. Why do you think the artists made these works? Who do you think were the original patrons (if
there were patrons): individuals, families, or institutions?
b. How might these works have functioned since they were first made? What meaning might each have
held for the people who have seen it or lived or worked with it?
Your paper should be representative of your best college work and written in traditional essay format, with a
short introduction, a strong body, and a conclusion. Your paper should address all of the questions listed on the
assignment sheets. Your finished paper should be approximately 8 pages double-spaced in length, with 1-inch
margins, in 12-pt. type (approximately 2,500 words).
On the title page, place your name and date at the upper right corner. Include a photograph of yourself at the
museum. Also, include photographs of both works of art.
Before turning in your paper, review it one last time to make sure that you have analyzed your chosen works
carefully; that you have answered all the questions asked in the assignment sheets; and that you have made
several detailed references to works of art discussed in class and documents from your Reader.
This is not a research paper. Compare and contextualize each work of art in relation to our classroom discussions.
If, however, you choose to bring in sources from outside of our classroom discussions, be sure to cite the sources
by means of an acceptable style manual, such as The Chicago Manual of Style.
Papers that contain plagiarized content will receive an F.

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