7.5b Chapter 7 Reading – Cloud Computing and Remote Access Go to 7-5b, and complete Applying Concepts: Protocol Synopsis. You must complete each empty column in the table and credit will not be given for duplicate answers in the “Notes” column. Click the “+” sign to expand the table. Using MS Word only, record your answers. Save the file as ProtocolXXX4.docx.Substitute your first, middle, and last name initials in place of XXX. Attach and submit the document on Blackboard. Table 7-1 Notable Encryption and Authentication Methods Security method Type Primary use(s) Notes Security method Type Primary use(s) Notes PPP Connection Remote access GRE Encapsulation L2TP Tunneling VPN IPsec SSL TLS Secure transmission of HTTP sessions SSL VPN SFTP Encryption File transfer SSH SHA Hashing RADIUS Central authentication point for wireless, mobile, and remote users TACACS+ Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) MS-CHAPv2 Authentication EAP 802.1X Authentication AES Encryption Wi-Fi Kerberos Verify the identity of clients and to securely exchange information after a client logs on to a system