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RWS 350W
Rhetorical Analysis
Many people, including actors, believe that the essence of acting is just memorizing
lines and performing them in front of an audience. Although this might be partially true, it does
not cover the amount of practice and work the actor must be willing to do to have a great
performance. This lecture is given to teach different techniques to improve the actor’s
performance. The text has been created for a workshop or lecture environment. It targets
actors in search of improving or reinforcing their acting skills. The purpose for this text is to
share several resources actors can use to help them improve their auditions. By using Laban
movement techniques, actors can expand their knowledge and skills and hopefully prepare
them for successful auditions. This text incorporates ethos, pathos and logos to persuade the
audience to expand their knowledge and follow the teachings of Laban which will benefit them
in their careers. The tone of the text is informative and motivational and is shown through
teachings the audience new methods of acting while at the same time empowering them to
keep moving forward in the field.
The use of ethos is seen throughout the text by the amount of passion and knowledge
that the presenter embodies in her lecture. While the body of the discusses this acting
technique, the advocacy for acting as a therapeutic and creative outlet pushes a strong ethical
argument. This appeal is being utilized by including outside sources such as the book Laban for
all by Jean Newlove and John Dalby along with some personal knowledge gained from school
and training. The main reason why this class is being taught is to expose people to different
types of art and techniques. The world of acting needs originality and unique actors who are
willing to expand their knowledge and talent for the sake of the industry’s success as well as
theirs. The constant motivation and positive atmosphere that is being provided in the text will
allow the audience to feel safe and free to explore their potentials. One thing people don’t
know about acting is that it can be therapeutic. The Laban Movement techniques opens the
doors to many possibilities and one of them is learning about one’s self awareness and physical
capability to move and interact with our imagination and the space that surrounds us. In other
words, acting can be used as an escapism and therapy as well as entertainment and
communication. The lecturer’s passion for these concerns and values illustrates her ethos.
Logos is used effectively in this text through the resources provided. It communicates to
the audience the professionality of the work and the importance of learning these skills. It is
critical that the audience know exactly where the information is being pulled out from so they
can also be given the chance to find the resources if they want to go in depth with the topic. As
far as personal knowledge, the information provided comes from previous class lectures taught
by SDSU theatre professors and other trainings hosted by the Old Globe Theatre and the
California Thespians. This should reflect that all the information is legitimate and professionally
taught throughout the United States. This helps prove that Laban techniques as well as the
personal knowledge can benefit one’s career if it is properly used throughout training. By
providing information or tips of what is required in an audition, the audience will have a better
understanding of the expectations and the amount of time it is necessary for preparation.
Sharing with them some of the insights to the industry such as their expectations will be a huge
benefit for the actors because they will know exactly what to work at. The industry is always
changing so this information might help them get updated in some aspects. By providing this
useful information, it will hopefully motivate the audience to practice the Laban movement
techniques more frequently and seriously.
Pathos was used mainly through the pictures on the brochure and the flyer. These
pictures are mainly about previous actors that made it to the big screen thanks to their
determination, talent, and training. These actors used Laban movements at some point in their
lives to come up with unique characters. This has gotten them to accomplish many roles in their
career and it’s all thanks to their amazing acting skills. The use of pathos creates a sense of
excitement and determination to want to learn more on how to improve as a performer.
Studies have shown that if you constantly see, or read about successful people, you are more
likely to follow their footsteps. Since the purpose of this text is to help actors succeed in their
auditions, looking at successful people might encourage them to try harder and succeed.
These appeals have helped shape the text to make it more understandable and
appealing to the readers. It shows credibility and logic and provides emotional connection to
the material that is being taught. This text focuses on teaching the audience how to improve as
an actor by learning Laban movements and incorporating them in daily routines as well as in
the professional field. Also, giving insights of the industry will help the readers have an idea of
how much preparation it takes before performing. Exposing the material to the audience is one
of the first steps to improve their skills, but it takes time and motivation to reach the level of
professionality that it is expected in the industry. This text is not made to fix actors but rather
guide them towards the right direction and provide them with as much materials possible so
they can incorporate it in their careers.

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