1 -2 pages additional.Please include the SARA process in the final product. Update the response plan to include some enforcement, like gang member arrests, use of intelligence. And add some enforcement tactics to the response section.

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Vancee Community Policing Proposal
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Colorado Technical University
Vancee Community Policing Proposal
The Vancee community is a low-income community made up of 80% African-Americans
while Alaskan and American Indians make up the remaining 20%. The people aged above 65
years make 41% of the population, 18-64 years is about 30%, 5-18 years is about 29% and
children below 5 years make 5% of the population. There are increasing levels of crime by
gangs, drug and substance abuse is also a major issue with high unemployment rates. To deal
with these three issues the following steps will be followed.
The community policing implementation steps will apply the crime prevention through
environmental design model (Cozens, et al., 2005). This model is a comprehensive approach to
addressing Vancee community problems. The first step is keeping the environment open to
surveillance by eliminating all secluded areas to removing any hiding places. The hiding places
include bushes and abandoned buildings. The next step is to make territorial changes through the
provision of fences, sidewalks, changing the attitude of the residents and providing amenities.
This step will involve intense training on the youth about implications of gang relations and
substance abuse. The training will be substituted by rehabilitation services. To address the issue
of high unemployment rates, entrepreneurship programs and linkages to vocational training and
employment opportunities will be applied. The third step is the use of access control will be
applied where the architecture of the area will be modified to allow citizens and police to manage
the flow of pedestrians and vehicles to eliminate the fear of crime and crime-related activities.
Finally, an evaluation will be conducted to check for progress and areas for improvement.
Communication is an important part of getting the Vancee community involved in the
model. Communication will be done by first educating the police officers on the model as they
will be the main people on the ground interacting with the residents. The next step is to keep the
residents informed through a meeting with the Vancee community. This step will involve
education of the community on the need for the changes, the benefits and the steps of
implementation. Finally, there is a need to keep communication open to feedback and concerns
from both the police and the community. Throughout the implementation process, the police and
community will be kept informed and there will be room for feedback..
Cozens, P., Saville, G., Hillier, D. (2005). Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
(CPTED): A Review and Modern Bibliography. Property Management. 23. 328-356.

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