1- COMPONENT DIAGRAM:•Requirements •Draw a component diagram of the application making for each module the number of instance that are necessary to adequately support the estimated workload. •Results •Many diagrams showed all or part of the main components •Level 1 – Main menu, Registry/Load Balancer, Database Service •Level 2 – Major Components ( New cases, …….) •Level 3 – Services from major components (4 for new cases, 5 for search, etc.) •Some showed amount of memoty foreach piece •No-one showed number of instances •Why is this important? •How to calculate: total users for the component/howmany each component can handles2-SPREADSHEET:•Requirements•Prepare a spreadsheet identifying the various component memory requirements and calculate the total memory requirements, allowing for the multiple instances necessary to support the anticipated concurrent users. •Total users: ?? concurrent users•Each component has a number of users•New cases: 20% = ?? Users•Each component has a maximum capacity•Menu: 300 users•No instances: total users/maximum capacity•Memory needed given for each component (0.5 for menu)•Memory for each component is no. instances*memory needed foreach component•For menu is: ??NOTE: I’m just fixing my MEMO that I will attach and YOU only need to fix the Component Diagram and the spreadsheet based on these Following.