5 to 6 page research paper and create a Powerpoint presentation with no more than 10 slides.Research PaperPaper will follow APA formatting which consist of the following:Arial or Times Roman12-fontCover and Reference page5 -6 Double-spaced pages; not including the cover and reference pagesPresentationNo more than 10 slidesEach slide must contain an image which offers insight to the material in the slidePresenter engages the audienceMust not repeat pointsPaper TopicsMotivation to work in the public and private sectorOrganizational Behavior as a covering topicStyles of leadershipHierarchies are more efficient thanStrategies of teamworkThe lone wolf versus the team playerMorality and leadershipHistorical analysis of organization buildingAccountability in Social EntrepreneurshipLGBT organizationsSocial and sexual behavior at workPreference for status quo: How it affects an organizationTrade Unions in an organizationStability and changing fieldsTechnology in organizational management of employeesOrganizational Violence: What is it?Organizational Violence: A historical accountHow people influence others at workIs Corporate Social Responsibility a source of employee satisfaction?Gender stereotyping: Is there bias in the workplace?Information processing in teamsWomen in high positions: Does it harm the organization or women as individuals? (Are the views biased?)Do men hate women bosses? (Why)How does the physical environment affect organizational behavior?Are images and impressions overrated?Managerial psychology as a reason for poor incentives