1.The United States is revered as one of the greatest democracies in World History. However, in truth, it is a republic. Please explain how the Republic of the United States is actually different than the basic concept of a democracy. 2. The United States Constitution is established to give power in the form a republic. The three branches of government are created in a way that no one has total authority over the other. This system is called checks and balances. Explain how the basic citizen has authority over each of the three branches of government. 3.Political Parties have become the most influential aspect of an election, even more so than the candidate at times. Political party affiliation is typically a bigger influence on how people vote than the actual candidate. However, many people feel that the two party system does not encourage real change by the politicians and maintains a status quo. In the Presidential election of 2000, third party candidate Ralph Nader had a major impact on the election. Explain Nader’s impact on the election.