143 Module 4: Forum TenAfter reading chapter 10 on books, discuss how the Internet has changed the book industry for consumers and publishers/ authors. Responses should be about 200 words, and your original response is worth up to 20 points. Responses to classmates should be about 50 words in length, and you should make sure to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Responses to classmates are worth up to 5 points making forum posts worth up to 25 points total.

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Module 4: Forum Ten
The Internet has changed the book industry in many different ways. One way is
that the internet allows for more people to be able to purchase books. Pertaining
to the consumers, this change will definitely make it easier for them to be able to
purchase the books that they want, regardless of the type of book they need. They
will be able to buy books that they need for both school and for entertainment.
There are online book shops that people are able to use to buy the books they
want and there are also different college book stores online for people to buy
textbooks. Because people are able to shop online, the publishers/authors will be
able to make more money. This is because they will have a bigger audience.
However, this also opens up the chance of a book being able to be downloaded
illegally, which benefits only the consumer, but not the publishers. This is one
negative of how the Internet has changed the book industry, but there are mostly
many positive changes that the Internet has done for the book industry.
The internet has changed the book industry for both consumers and
publishers/authors in numerous ways. The most obvious and significant change the
internet has provided for the industry in the presence and consumption of e-books.
Nearly any book in existence can purchased and read online through some sort of
computer, tablet, or smartphone. E-books have made the book industry much more
accessible and portable than it was before. Not only is it easier for consumers to find
and purchase any book of their choice, the rapid growth of an online book industry
has also made it much easier for new authors. It is much easier to self-publish or
publish a book online as an author than it was before, negating the need for a
physical publisher. This is not such a positive change for in-house publishers in the
industry. However, it does make it much easier for both consumers and authors to
provide new material that is easily accessible for readers anywhere.

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