1-Submit a detailed list with cost of all of your monthly expenses for your business.2- Make a detailed list of the goods and/or services you plan to sell. Develop a retail price list and wholesale costs per item list. Submit.note: the files i put is my project the qoustion is a abouve



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State the vision for your company.
the best restaurant making (( Kabsha)) in Saudi Arabia. The restaurant
features a special flavor that can’t be obtained anywhere else. A different
way to cook rice with chicken.
State the Mission Statement for your Company.
for the customers :to be the best providing excellent services and prices.
The customers will eat fresh food.
for the employees : provide safe place to work in the restaurant , fair salary
, medical insurance. Every employee will have free meal in a week.
What are your competitive advantages? Explain
1-Time management skills
2- chefs with great experience
our chefs has great experience for making a Saudi dishes. we provide
quality services in affordable prices. the restaurant will be able to cook
good quality food on the time. the restaurant location in downtown so any
customer can find it easily .
Submit a SWOT analysis.
strengths :
1- location 2- provide services on time
3- fresh food
1-limited menu
2- marketing
3- there is no food delivery
1-provied healthy food 2- open 24 hours 3- Expand the menu
1-street parking
2-so many restaurant in downtown
3- war price
Write your compelling story.
When i was in high school i want open restaurant. my mother like to cook
every day. Everyone try my mother like her food , after that i was thinking
to open restaurant and my mother will teach the chefs the way she cook . I
went on of the restaurant and i ask the manger about what i need to open
restaurant . He told me the first thing you need is to find a location close to
downtown so can everybody come easily. when you find a location you
need to find the chefs has great experience after that everything will be
easy to open restaurant.
1. Provide an overview of your business. If you completed the homework assignment, skip to
Why is there a need for your business?
There is a need to grow the Saudi Arabia and particularly the location of the restaurant. Baba’s
Lounge and Restaurant will make a positive impact in the community through the provision of
employment opportunities and improvement of the community’s living standards
State a profile of your customers.
The business will target individuals of any age who have a stable income and are well educated.
The Lounge will hire well-experienced chefs and waiters to offer high quality products, and
services to the target market.
3. Where is the location of your business
Baba’s Lounge and Restaurant is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Describe the products or services you will provide.
The restaurant will provides warm exceptional dining area with a neatly made lounge. the
resturent will serve special saudi dished
4. What will you need for space, equipment, supplies, etc before you serve your first customer?
The restaurant will need to employ well-experienced. Table, chairs, TV, kitchen tools
5-How many employees do you need?
The restaurant will need 5 chefs and 10 waiters, 5 cashers
5. The primary functions of business are Management, Finance, and Marketing. Describe how
you will accomplish these primary functions. What skills do you have in each of these areas?
What skills will you need to acquire?
leadership, organizational skills and interpersonal skills. Marketing function will make it
necessary for me to have teamwork skills, commitment to success and efficient communication
skills. To accomplish the function of finance I will need to acquire computer skills, analytical
experience, formal accounting experience
6. How will customers know about your business?
I will notify my customers about the business through social media, advertising on TV,
advertising in the streets
How do you plan to grow your business?
I will open a second branch of the restaurant so everyone can get to it easily. I will put a box in
the restaurant for suggestions and new ideas
Baba’s Lounge & Restaurant is a 30-seat excellent dining restaurant with a ten-seat lounge. The
business focuses on Saudi Arabian dishes. The business will be located in the Riyadh the capital
city of Saudi Arabia(my city) . The restaurant will have a cozy dining area and a warm lounge. The
Baba’s Lounge & Restaurant will be open seven days a week while the services provided will be
correct and friendly and relax.
Our mission is to be a place with great tasting food and excellent service provision where the
satisfaction of our coustmers.
Market analysis
There is a need for a unique and excellent dining place in the city and starting the lounge and
restaurant business of this kind will differentiate it from competitors. Our customers will be both
Saudis people and visitors from other countery . The menu will be unique and appealing to a wide
and varied customer range.
Strategy and implementation
Differentiation of the food products concerning the needs of the customers and cost control at all
times without exception will be our key strategy to be success. It will be implemented from the first
day of operation
Marketing plan
The business will be open to all kinds of people including tourists in the area. The company will be
advertising to customers by business cards to any person we may get in touch with both inside and
Management team
One manager and service providers will manage the business will be five excellent chefs.
Financial analysis
The start will cost for the business is approximately 250,000 US dollars and the expected return at
the end of the first year is 200,000 US dollars exclusive of the expenses.

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