1. Write an initial post (maximum 100 words) that makes a concise observation or point on the basis of one or more of the readings.Readings:Mahfouz, Miramar (full novel)A Man in Our House (movie)Question:What sectors of society do the different characters residing in the Miramar represent? Do they represent the past or the future? What is the role of gender in post-revolutionary society? How does this portrayal of Egyptian society compare with that of A Man in Our House?2. Respond to another colleague’s post. Do not simply state that you agree or like the post–it must be a substantive comment (maximum 75 words)Colleague’s post:The representation of characters is diverse. On one hand we have Mariana, a older progressive woman who has had multiple husbands and acquired some wealth through her marriages. Then we are introduced Wagdi, a bitter ex-journalist and former Wafdist native of Alexandria. These two are very good friends and represent a middle class. Then we have Zohra Salama, who is hired as a young maid and represents the lower class. Among these characters, we have Sarhan, Mansour, Doreya, and many more. What i found most interesting about Miramar was Mariana condemning Zohra for bringing misfortune to the Miramar. A similar case is found with A man in the house, with how Ibrahim brought misfortune to Mohey’s family.