2 short Dicussion board on pandemics. See attachement

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Short Dicussion Board Questions:
1. Research has shown that pandemics come in waves normally lasting about six to eight weeks.
The research also supposes that 50% of employees will be absent for periods of about two
weeks at the height of the pandemic wave. Does your agency have contingency plans in the
event of a pandemic wave? Why, or why not? What are the essential parts of your agency that
would be affected by a 50% reduction? What core positions are required to keep essential parts
operating and responding to EMS incidents? Who would manage the pandemic contingency
plan during a wave? Does your agency require EMS providers to have flu shots? Why, or why
2. Respond to This Students response. Bryan : Currently my agency does not have a contingency
plan. Currently we are actually short staffed as it is. We staff a total of 15 double paramedic
MICU trucks and 3 squads, and if the scheduling permits, we have a peek truck or swing truck.
Unfortunately, this truck does not go in service very often. Usually there is only one extra person
on the schedule which does not do any good. If there was a sudden shortage of 50 percent of
our staff at once we would have to shut down anywhere from 6 to 8 ambulances, effectively
cutting the county down to critical resource management. Administration above the battalion
level would have to manage the issue and even possibly get on ambulances to aid in the
pandemic. As for the flu shot, it is not required but highly recommended.

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