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Annotated Bibliography
Research Question: From a global perspective, why is online cyber security so important in the
day life of an average person and what are the consequences of not practicing good cyber
security online, particularly when money is involved?
Fowler, Bree. “Don’t Get Cyber-Scrooged! Tips for safe online shopping.” Associated Press
News. 21 December 2016. https://www.apnews.com/don-get-cyber-scrooged. Accessed
26 February 2018.
Description: In Bree Fowler’s article entitled “Don’t Get Cyber-Scrooged!”, she discusses how
important it is to take online security into account over the holidays as the number of online
shoppers increases. More broadly, this article explains why cyber security is important in the
modern world. The author some ways of how people can keep themselves safe online and what
possible attacks would be. (62 words)
Relevance: This article’s topic is almost exactly overlapping with my own topic, because it
discusses the importance of cyber security in the modern world when it pertains to money and
how dangerous cyber fraud might be to ordinary people. I will use this article when I prove my
point that people should pay more attention to the cyber security.
Key Quote: “But the lack of security built into many of these devices is becoming an issue.
Experts worry that they could be used to breach a home or business network and let hackers
access another device that holds private information.”

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