1.ENG 315: Professional Communications:”Reflection”Review a guide to writing cover letters, located at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/549/01/. Next, reflect on what you learned regarding the importance and structure of job application cover letters. Ascertain the key factors an employer may take into consideration when determining whether an applicant receives a job interview.Identify two (2) key skills that you learned during the course that you think will add to your communication effectiveness.Think about your goal established in Week 5’s discussion. How well did you progress towards achieving that goal? What additional work must you do to achieve or expand that goal?2.HIS 104: American History to 1865:The Civil WarLook at the two articles in Instructor’s Insights (cite them in your post) then consider this:Given what we have covered the last two weeks, discuss the impact of the Civil War then and now. Provide specific details to back up your answer.INSTRUCTOR INSIGHTSFor the cultural impact of the Civil War see this neat article:https://www.aarp.org/politics-society/history/info…For the economic impact see:https://fee.org/articles/the-economic-costs-of-the…For a timeline of the Civil War see:http://thecivil-war.com/civil-war-timeline/http://www.historyplace.com/civilwar/3.BUS 437: Project Procurement Management:“Project Productivity Loss.” There are ten (10) top causes of project productivity loss.The following are the ten (10) most prevalent causes for loss of project productivity. Which occur most frequently in your organization? Why?Changing work sequenceSkill dilutionSupervision dilutionOvertime/second shiftReworkCongestion/crowdingLate/changing engineeringMoraleTools/equipment/materialsSchedule pressure