1) Identify a risk management and insurance related issue for selecting the appropriate term paper topic ( 3-4 pages ) 2) Collect, analyze, evaluate the information to prepare materials for term paper. 3) Organize thoughts, summarize the information, argue/judge/defend the issue or your assertion to complete the term paper. (make sure: your paper content is well developed and effectively supported; the paper structure is logical, paragraphing and transitions are clear and appropriate.) • Please provide references at the end if the paper. Please include URL if you use article from the web, such as: https://www.payoff.com/life/money/5-important-reas… • Try to avoid writing a paper that is a summary of the lecture/textbook content • Copy & paste with a little bit of editing will result in a grade of zero. last thing, make a summary of the whole paper so I can present it for 5 minutes in class.