500- 600 wordsFormat for Group Project: Marketing Strategy For the social issue you have been assigned, research and develop the following sections: 1.Background Research on Issue 2.Target Market 3.BCOS Model for your issue (from perspective of your target market) 4.Marketing Objective (statement) (which stage of decision process) 5.Positioning of Issue (statement) 6.Marketing Strategy (may include some or all of the following depending on your strategy) -Advertising Plan (creative and planned media) (show your advertising) -Public Relations Plan -Event/Sponsorship Plan -Sales Promotion Plan -Personnel Selling Plan -Direct Marketing Plan 7.Summary of how your strategy will help achieve your marketing objective. 8.Sources (include all secondary sources as well as copies of any primary research done)1, I just need finished 1.Background Research on Issue 2.Target Market . Two part! Topic: quit smoking Target market: teenager and young adults.2, I found some sources, you can use it!Statistic for Teens smoking in Canadahttps://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/82-624-x/2012001/article/11676-eng.htmhttps://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/pub/82-625-x/2018001/article/54974-eng.htmhttps://www150.statcan.gc.ca/t1/tbl1/en/tv.action?pid=1310009610https://uwaterloo.ca/tobacco-use-canada/youth-tobacco-use/smoking-initiation/ages-15-19(^ look at graph for smokers are at highest percentage when they are 18-19)3, I need some charts to show the data.