1) ask Functions and Maintenance Functions create a balance that suggest team effectiveness. Imagine that you are the facilities manager supervising part time staff that clean and prepare the facilities for team use. What steps would you implement to ensure team development surrounding these two functions.2)Team Cohesiveness is largely a function of the value placed on membership. Think of an organization that you belong to or are familiarwith and describe ways to increase cohesiveness and assuring that social loafing is minimized.3)People in sports organizations are by their very nature competitive people. Typically, they previously were athletes and understand the nature of competition and how to build athletic teams. However, the organization that supports teams must be careful not to have its members competing with each other as they deliver their services to the organization. Describe how you would foster cooperation among non-athlete personnel while using competition as a tool to that end.4)Describe how communication in a digital world can foster effective communication while at the same time serving as a barrier to effective communication.5)Communication is fundamental to management. It is often distorted because of the reasons cited in the text/PPT. Think of how ineffective communication between a staff group would create a dangerous circumstance for the workers. For example, when I was in facilities management on a college campus, we’d use the athletic facilities for concerts. Please use your own example and then select information from the text for discussion6)Think of a CEO of an athletic organization you are familiar with. Describe the types of power that he or she uses and how they use it to influence the organization and outcomes.