1) No more than about 250 words can be less Just need question answeredIdentify and interpret the following passage. Explain what this quote means in terms of the major developments of U.S. and/or world history of this era. You should also provide some of the significant historical details that frame the significance of this passage (i.e. when, where, who, etc.). It may be useful for you to select certain terms and phrases from the passage to identify individually.“…it is not without cause that God, Our Lord, has permitted that these parts should be discovered in the name of Your Royal Highnesses, so that this fruit and merit before God should be enjoyed by Your Majesties, of having instructed these barbarian people…we believe that, if there were interpreters and persons who could make them understand the truth of the Faith…many would shortly quit the errors which they hold, and come to the true knowledge.”Essay Question500 words MAX2.Answer the following question in a structured essay. You will need to include at least three points of comparison/argument to support your answer. Be sure to incorporate details from the relevant readings and lectures in each of your supporting arguments. Exactitude is not as important as clarity: be sure to proofread but don’t fret over spelling, exact dates, etc.How did the French and Indian War, and its associated developments, alter the fates of the lands and peoples of colonial North America? In your response, be sure to consider:the balance of power (European Empires) on the continent,the condition of the Native American “Middle Ground,”and the state of relations between British leaders and American colonists.