200 words for each question. Please cite reference under each question answer before moving to the next. 1) In the article by Inserra (2017), “Congress must re-set Department of Homeland Security priorities: American lives depend on it”, the author mentions in the recommendations the need to link policy, planning, budget, and execution and I want you to consider why this is so important and why it is still lacking.2) Globalization and technology are two things the United States cannot control within the national borders. However, these will not be issues if the IC and homeland security enterprise place them as a priority. how can the IC and Homeland security be successful in regards to globalization and technology?3) what are some of the flaws involved in the overall structure of intelligence communication in regards to civil liberties?4) What intervention strategies can be used to solve transnational crimes? 5) Could a more communist or socialist approach address environmental concerns?6) Is the United States perceived as powerful enough to act as the ‘ultimate guarantor’ of free trade and the void left from this will also be a determent to the global economy?7) The US is the ONLY nation that has not signed on to the Paris Accords and currently has an administration in place that denies climate change is even real, how does that help the US’s standing in the globalized world?