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Communism is an economic and a political system in which the society or the community
collectively controls ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of goods
and services (Amadeo, 2018). One can define capitalism as an economic system in which the
factors of production, distribution, and transfer of products and services are individually owned
or in the hands of private people who borrow or provide the required capital to benefit with
profits. Communism is often associated with governments or states activities that were under the
former Soviet Union or were influenced by the ideologies of the Soviet Union. The term
communism is derived from the word community which implies that all factors of production,
exchange, and distribution of goods and services should be solely owned or controlled by the
state (Amadeo, 2018). Individuals’ or groups should not own factors of production even as a
private business or as groups.
Apart from Chinese communism and the Soviet Union, another version of communism is
Titoism that was popularized by Lenin and Marx principles. Lenin established Russia
communism while Mao Tse-Tung established communism in China. Communism is based on
the principles of distribution of goods and services, “from each according to his ability, to each
according to his need (Engels, 1925).” This principle connotes that there will be no necessary
need for utilization of resources that will persuade the ruling class to have the urge to control or
maintain power. This makes communism the perfect model because it is based on values and
principles that make its leaders strive to serve. Capitalism model enables individuals to own,
manage and control resources as per their resources and ability (Struhl, 2007). This makes
capitalism the worst model because it creates an avenue for greediness and individualism which
the primary reason why the United States should adopt communism and do away with
Communism features make it be the most perfect economic and political system to have
ever been witnessed in human evolution. Communism supports the establishment of a society
that is classless, and that is based on cooperation, equality, and freedom from being exploited
(Amadeo, 2018). The Communist principle that the distribution of resources should be according
to one’s ability and need is the reason why people who support communism believe the state will
one day fade. This means that the ruling class has nothing that can make them clinch on power or
use coercive power to influence decisions. In communism, free universal public education is a
right, and if one is suspected of having acquired their wealth unrightfully, it can be confiscated
and distributed to the masses (Struhl, 2007). The community collectively controls factors of
production, and the constitution of communist states allows the use of violence on need basis
when it feels her principles have been threatened. Communism is a highly organized economic
planning, and it discourages the distinction of people according to their classes, and the
production is meant to achieve equal and common purposes (Amadeo, 2018). In this system,
political activities and political power are centralized which makes communism to be the best
system since it is devoid of petty politics that characterize the United States, political class.
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