1.If you are a manager and you are about to take a critical decision which decision will you choose of the following, why? Explain your answer with example: ( 2 points)- A decision that will maximize the profit margin of the organization, but is illegal and may cause harm to the environment.- A decision that will minimize the profit in the short run, But is legal and will contribute to stockholder’s satisfaction.2.From your own perspective, which of the H.R functions seem to be the most important? Why? (1.5 points)3.Explain how H.R practices differ in a small businesses in comparison to an international setting?Refer to Textbook:DeCenzo, D. A., & Robbins, S. P. (2013). Human resource management (11th ed., ISV). West Sussex, UK: Wiley and Sons Ltd. ISBN: 9781118379714 (print version; no digital version available).