1. Using the same country that you picked from Week 2 & 3, (INDONESIA) review the Yale Environmental Performance Index and list the following:Name of countryThe country’s overall score.The GDP# of people (in millions)Square KMWhat are the highest rated indicators?What are the lowest rated indicators?Do you notice any similarities between the food security index score and the environmental performance index? Any differences?2. Next, navigate to the CIA World Factbook and using the same country, review the geography section and list the following:Where is the location of the country?What are its border countries?What are the natural resources listed? Do you notice any potential conflict minerals?What are the listed natural hazards?What are the current environmental issues?3. Using what you learned about your country create an infographic, or powerpoint presentation that describes the country and the various environmental impacts facing that country. Provide a possible solution to tackle one of these issues (include the,who,what,where,when,how). **Provide attributions for all visuals and make sure they are open access or have a creative commons license. The Creative Commons website can help you to do an effective search.Share the link to your infographic, or attach as an image, WORD doc – or share your powerpoint in the forum.4. Finally, review the lessons, are any of those impacts covered in the lesson? Using the readings for the week describe how experts can help you to strengthen your idea for a solution, or how they help to describe the problem that exists.Instructions: Your initial post should be at least 250 words. Please respond substantially to me and at least 2 other students.