[5.3] Behavioral Health Presentation AssignmentIn the assessment and management of programs, you will have to present your insight on a program or policy to others. This could relate to a community outreach or it may be developed with the sole purpose of providing education to individuals. The audience that you present the information to will want to easily understand the subject that you present.Using the topic that you chose in [5.2] Behavioral Health Issues Assignment, develop a presentation that accurately presents the history, development and current state of their chosen behavioral health issue. The presentation should not exceed eight slides to discuss the topic.This assignment can include your personal opinion, as well as researched and documented information. If outside sources are used, they should be properly cited with a final slide at the end of the presentation. This resource page should be addendum to the eight slide limit.According to chapter 10 of the Air Force (2015), slides are the most common visual aid used for briefings, however every organization is different when it comes down to how the slides should look. The information presented should not be too complex and present clear insight on the topic that is discussed. Consider the points listed in chapter 10 that relate to the development of a presentation.must be a minimum of 8 slides to include references and citations