1.Review the links provided below to learn more about Dr. Meleis’ Transitions Theory. 2.Reflect on the many challenges patients face in today’s complex health care system, ranging from lack of access to necessary preventative services, lack of education regarding disease management to much needed medication for tertiary care. 3.Analyze what are the various roles that family nurse practitioners can and/or must play to facilitate change for patients and communities before, during and at the completion of transition? 4. all questions must be answered to receive full credit for this discussion5. Must have 3 scholarly references,6. Must be in APA format,7. Word document,8. Minimum 250 words,The Power of Nurses: http://videos.nursing.upenn.edu/index.php/panmcc-afaf-en/ A Living Legend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJGdPgHPeGY