1st Interactive Response:100 words Select one article and critique it. Ask questions or provide advice that will improve it:Hello Class,Military One Source provides service members the opportunity to ensure they can continue to support their families and contribute to society after separation from the service. Quality of life is important to you, so it is important to us. Whether you need assistance for yourself, your spouse or your children, we’re here to help. Navigating life can be a burden sometimes. Let us help relieve that burden with service that will help you find housing, healthcare, schooling and employment for you and your spouse. We also will make sure your VA benefits and military documentation are in order prior to your separation so applying for your benefits won’t be a headache. We have certified personnel who have done this for years and personally handle each case. Your case worker is assigned to you throughout the entire process.We also offer employment to service members when vacancies within our organization become available. Would you like to work on-post? We have points of contact for various offices and contractors who are willing to hire veterans and their spouses. Being an employee on post opens opportunities for your children as well. Your family will have access to all the same amenities they accessed while you were serving. A majority of service members who do not use the services available to them, have a harder time doing it all on their own. Secure a better future for you and your family and take advantage of all the services Military One Source has to offer. You’ll miss out if you don’t.2nd interactive response100 words Select another article and critique it. Ask questions or provide advice that will improve it.Who wouldn’t enjoy the benefits of a relaxing, captivating, and inexpensive vacation without the sacrifice of privacy and security? Here at Dene’s Bed & Breakfast we offer the best of both. It is our goal to ensure you feel safe; assured that we are meeting the needs of your Family during your stay. We realize there are many other care and concerns besides the aesthetics of a location. For example; physical security and protecting the environment. Let me describe some of the items we have invested in, with you in mind. From the time that you register for your fun filled vacation at our B&B you will be guaranteed the highest level of security. Our in-house IT consultant provides around the clock service, ensuring strict guidelines and security policies to protect your personal information. Our computer systems are kept up to date with the latest security patches and operating system updates and all software are licensed original copies. These measures help us reduce risks from internal and external breaches. Our IT systems are constantly monitored to ensure security remains at a peak level; this includes ensuring our employees use strong passwords, and customer personnel information is kept out of view from unauthorized personnel or other customers. Your physical security is of outmost importance, we use state-of-the-art microchipped secured keys for entry into the dwelling as well as your private guest room. Entrance/exits are well lit and void of obstructions that provide clear sightlines for safety during evening hours. Lastly, our property is nicely nestled in the quiet confounds of the historic district, one of the safest areas in the city. Did I mention we are one of the few green hotels in the district; offering, healthy farm-to-table meals, a geothermal heat pump, a salt treated pool, energy saving fluorescent bulbs, and programmable room thermostats. You can relax while resting assured we’re at work for you; and then…. you can really relax and begin your vacation.