1. Jack is mowing a lawn that has a shed. Jack wants to know the area of the lawn he has to mow.Find a polynomial that describes that area of the lawn he has to move (i.e) fine the area of the yard minus the area of the shed. The Polynomial in your final answer should only have two terms . This means you have to combine like terms and simplify.2. Eyjafjallajokull is a volcano in iceland. During a recent eruption , the volcano spewed out copious amounts of ash. One small piece of ash was ejected from the volcano with an initial velocity of 336 ft/sec.The height H, in feet, of the ash projectile is given by the equation : H=-16t to the 2nd power + 336tWe will assume that the volcano has no height H=0 at T=0what is its maximum height?when does the ash projectile return to the ground ?3. The Circus is coming to town! CIndy is selling tickets The first day she sold 8 adult tickets and 5 child tickets for a total of $180.50 in sales . The second day she received $261.00 for 12 adult tickets and 6 child tickets . What is the price of a child’s ticket? What is the price of an adult’s ticket?To received full credit for your solution you need to 1. write two algebraic equations that model the circus ticket scenario. 2 show how you solved the problem bu using the elimination method the substitution method, or the graphical method .( Other methods such as ” guess and check are not sufficient.) Show of your steps and use Microsoft Equation Editor to render all of your algebraic expressions . Each problem need to be on 3 different Microsoft word Equation Editor If you have any questions feel free to contact me back


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