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Cell Phone Addiction
Jahmaal Richards
University of the Virgin Islands
Cell Phone Addiction
Effects of cell phone addiction on social skills
Price, M. (2011). Cell phone addiction rings true for teen psychologist. Retrieved from
Reed, J., Hirsh-Pasek, K., & Golinkoff, R. M. (2017). Learning on hold: Cell phones sidetrack
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Hypothesis: Cell phone addiction leads to loss of social skills and inefficiency in face to face
Cell phone addiction leads to more time spent on the phone than on face to face
interactions. This leads to the hypothesis that the addiction may be causing loss of social skills.
The hypothesis is supported by several studies that have looked into cell-phone addiction. In a
study with high school students, Michelle Hackman found that students who used phones had
more anxiety than those who stayed for 45 minutes in a room without phones (Price, 2011).
Additionally, those with phones were less interactive and were fixated on their gadgets. This
points to the idea of social skills being affected.
Additionally, social interactions have been researched in connection with parenting.
Generally, research shows that parenting is adversely affected by cell phone addiction. In a study
where Reed, Hirsh-Pasek, & Golinkoff (2017) sought to understand effects of cell phones on
parent-child interactions, it was established that the presence of cell phones reduced learning for
the children and reduced the effectiveness of the learning section. This research shows how
phones mediate interaction between parents and their children. If children are not learning
properly in the presence of mobile phone interruptions, it is hypothesized that phone addiction
leads to lower level of social skills.
Furthermore, my hypothesis is strengthened by research into parenting skills. Amy
Novotney (2016) found that mobile phones are increasingly occupying the time that is usually
planned for parental activities. With parents hooked on mobile phones, it seems that their
addiction is a source for less social time with their children. These studies point towards the
hypothesis of mobile phones as affecting social skills negatively.

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