1). Who is Chris Langan, and how did growing up in poverty affect his life chances? (99) Chris
Langan was an intelligent man who lacked social interaction skills to
speak up for himself for he was not taught how to socialize with people
by his parents, who, seemly would make decisions for him but sadly
failed to actually take responsibility of their parental role. Which,
resulted him to suffer poverty for no one helped him or taught him
socialization and other vital information he needed to know to succeed
in life. Additionally, growing up in poverty affected his life chances
because he was submissive to whatever the school or systems says and
would not speak up or challenge the authorities. 2) What is a “McJob?” Should people who work in these jobs get paid higher wages – why or why not? (127-128) A
McJob is a slang that represents a low paying job that acquire minimum
skills and slim to none in pertaining to advancement. In my opinion, I
do not believe that people who work teenage related jobs should received
higher wages, if they simply have an opposition with the job pay, then
it’s better to find another job that pays higher, simple as that. Working
fast food, should be an expectation of low pay since many people
including adults, and teenagers do the job. Indeed, if fast food were to
increase in higher wages, I believe more people would become
lackadaisical than ever. 3) What is USAS, and how have they tried to make social change? (214-215)
The USAS is the United Students Against Sweatshops that opposed work
factories that do not treat workers who help fabricate brands and
clothes fairly. Indeed, many major popular industries today such as
Nike, forever 21, have workers around the world who work in horrible
conditions for an unfairly low pay to survive such as 1$ a day to make
company brands, and thus many companies try to hide this or keep it in
discreet. Vitally, the USAS have advocated and done protests to help
bring about awareness, created a monitor to oversee working conditions
in US and internationally and established campaigns. Overall, I believe
this is a remarkable organization for many do not know such harsh and
inequality against workers are taking place among these underhanded
companies that we delight the most and buy our products from.