PLEASE ANSWER THE FOLLOWING SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS. PROVIDE REFERENCES WHEN APPLICABLE. USE #12 ARIAL FONT AND ANSWER THE QUESTIONS DIRECTLY BELOW EACH QUESTION IN THE EXAMYou’ve just been asked to investigate an alleged embezzlement scheme where a purchasing manager is believed to have established a suspicious vendor who he’s paying for services not provided. He is believed to have set up the vendor in his own name. Discuss how you will use the hypothesis-evidence matrix to prove intent and describe the evidence needed to prove this allegation. (20 points)Sally is a payroll clerk at ABC Inc. She is suspected of creating fictitious employees in the system and processing the payroll for these employees using her personal bank account number for the direct deposits. How might you use the fraud triangle to develop your theory of why and how the fraud occurred along with the specific evidence you’ll need to resolve this allegation. (20 points)Explain the importance of corporate governance in the prevention of fraud and why employees at higher levels within an organization can create higher losses when they commit fraud? Refer to the findings of the Hollinger and Clark studies (highlighted in the textbook) to support you conclusions. (20 points)You’re investigating an alleged theft of intellectual property whereby employees from the Research and Development area are suspected improperly downloading company confidential information related to new product developments for pharmaceuticals. They are then suspected of emailing the files to individuals outside of the company for personal gain. How might computer forensics/cybercrime investigation techniques help you in your investigation to substantiate the allegation? What evidence would you seek using computer forensics as an investigative tool? (15 points)You’ve investigated a money laundering case and determined that a business owner laundered approximately $10,000,000 in illegal funds over the past 5 years. The case is now scheduled for criminal trial and you’ve been retained as the expert witness. What type of evidence will you present at court to prove your money laundering case? What is the difference between a fact witness and an expert