please answer the questions attached as well as print the web page after filing it out.

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a) Using the FY 2018 Q4 earnings announcement of Walmart (visit the press release below),
update the Walmart spreadsheet (tab “QuarterlyIS”) to fill in the FY 2018 Q4 numbers. Print this
page. results/default.aspx
Part 2 (What is the real EPS of WMT for the 4th quarter of 2018?)
b) Based on the press release indicated above, address the following questions.
1. Identify 2 measures of Diluted EPS numbers included or discussed in this press
2. Explain what the “Adjusted EPS” is, and how it was computed.
3. What items were removed from the GAAP EPS to arrive at the “Adjusted”
4. What measure of Diluted EPS do you think analysts and the financial market
would emphasize?
Part 2 (Sales and EPS of Q1, 2019)
Forecast WMT’s fiscal 2019’s 1st quarter (ending April 30, 2019) Sales and Diluted EPS. You
may find the textbook useful to perform this exercise. Use both the time-series method as
well as the line-item approach (where all or a few key components of the income statements
are forecasted). You need to explain how you arrived at your forecast in order to get full

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