8–10 slides with speaker notes of 200–250 words per slideYour boss recently attended an accounting seminar at which the balanced scorecard was discussed. He has asked you to prepare a presentation for the next manager’s meeting about the balanced scorecard and how EEC might adopt it. In your presentation, you should complete the following:Define the elements that might be presented in a balanced scorecard.Explain how the elements will be used.Make a recommendation of whether or not EEC should adopt the balanced scorecard.If adopted, how might it improve the company?Part 2 The President of EEC realizes that the balanced scorecard translates an organization’s mission and strategy into operational objectives and performance measures. The group received an e-mail from him asking the group to include information in the PowerPoint presentation about tying compensation to performance measures. Discuss the following in the group presentation:Describe unethical behavior that can result if the wrong performance measures are used to tie performance measures to compensation.