1. Discuss some of the political, economic, and social happenings and challenges faced by a few of the new republics during the nineteenth century. You may use parts of Meade, Páez autobiography, Facundo and the Guano Boom.  Please note that this question does NOT involve Cuba or Puerto Rico.

2. What were the major elements conducive to Cuban wars of independence.  Why did the major independence heroes (Maceo and Martí) spoke of Cuba as a nation with no races?  Was their dream sustained after independence?  You can use Meade, Ada Ferrer’s intro about the wars of independence and her essay about General Quintin Bandera, the Platt Amendment, and Our América.
-PLEASE NO PLAGIARISM, only use sources that I provide you, nothing else!
-MLA format
-500-600 words not counting footnotes, parenthetical citations, endnotes and bibliography.

-focus essay on a particular topic, e.g. government administration, slavery, political expansion, revolution, revolts, achieved independence, etc. 
-try to use this format for your points:
P – Point – What is the topic of your paragraph?
I – Illustration – Quote/Evidence to support your claim accurately
E- Explanation – Connect the two. 

how to organize paper:

-Begin with a short introduction that informs your reader about the topic you will discuss and the point(s) you will develop, what is that you are trying to persuade your reader about? The goal with this exercise is that you reflect upon what you have learned, this is why we ask you to try to come up with an argument and organize your paper based on that argument.
-Continue with body paragraphs to develop each of your subtopics in relation to your argument. The number of body paragraphs would depend on the length on the paper and the amount of sub-topics you want to discuss. Remember that for this paper you have 600 words maximum. We are very aware that it would not be possible for you to write about EVERYTHING. However, you should strive to be as comprehensive as you can with the topic you have selected.
-Wrap it up with a conclusion. Restate what was the major takeout of your reflection (what is that you wanted to inform the reader about).